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12 August 2011 @ 03:27 pm
Game Rules  

While Kannagara does not believe in limiting creative expression, we do request that players respect the following rules in order to preserve the integrity of the game.

1. Respect each other under all circumstances. Any disputes should be brought up with the moderators.

Please try and leave the drama at the door. We all know that drama is bound to happen in any game, but we'd like to try and maintain as much of a drama-free environment as possible. If you have a problem with a player, don't like something s/he is doing, or have criticism but don't want to post on the player's HMD, talk to the moderators about it.

All problems can be addressed and dealt with, as long as there is good communication. The moderators are always happy to mediate any conflicts that may occur, and will try our best to resolve any OOC tensions if the players cannot manage to do it themselves.

Please do not take your issues to anonymous communities to intentionally start wank -- that will not help the problem you have with any player, and will only exacerbate it and create a negative environment within the game. If we find out that this is happening maliciously and intentionally, and discover who is participating in such activity towards a player, we will take action, as it goes against the trust we place in our players, and the trust players place in each other. To thoughtlessly break that trust for the sake of creating wank, intentionally or unintentionally, is absolutely unacceptable, as it damages the safe space for creativity we are trying to create.

If the problem you are having is with the moderators or with the game, please talk to us on our comment box, where we allow anonymous commenting, or through e-mail. We are very invested in the happiness of our players, and it is very important to us that we have a good relationship with them and try our best to address their needs. If you feel we are not meeting your needs, have offended you in some way, or are otherwise failing in any capacity, it is critical that you let us know as soon as the problem occurs, so we can immediately take steps towards fixing this problem.

2. Absolutely no metagaming or godmoding.

There are several different types of metagaming/godmoding that can occur in play. We have a zero-tolerance policy against metagaming and godmoding in Kannagara. If metagaming and godmoding occurs, players will receive warnings. If these warnings are not heeded, the player will be asked to leave the game.

Mandatory for all players: Read more about Metagaming/Godmoding here.

3.  Stay active

Unlike most games, Kannagara doesn’t have a set number of required activity to pass the activity check. Instead, we look at how much effort you seem to put into making your character/s active and how much they get around, as well as how good you are at finishing threads, considering the emphasis we put on backtagging and character development. Of course, there are a lot of different characters; some are outgoing and could easily tag anything, some are anti-social and would need to be particularly pinged to respond to something and thus, what we want is effort. You don’t have to tag ten network posts a month to pass, but if you only tag one post every month and practically nothing else, we will tell you to improve or you will be removed from the game for character squatting.

As general guidelines, logs generally count more towards AC and a couple of those are worth more than a larger number of responses to the network. It also matters how significant the threads are; tagging a dream that causes some real character development weighs more heavily than tagging a pure crack dream, for example.

There are always alternatives if you have a tricky character, so if you’re concerned, feel free to hit up us mods for tips! There are always open logs, accidental videos, god interference and things like that at your disposal.

4. Stay true to your canons, including the historical and cultural contexts.

It is important that you stay true to the canon your character is taken from. Do not change the canon to fit a plot purpose. How powers, skills, or any other canon information is depicted in the canon must be the way it is depicted in Kannagara. What cultural and historical information and knowledge your character is exposed to must also be respected as well. For example, if your character is originally from a canon where they would not be familiar with mannerisms, terminology, slang, or any other cultural difference that is not depicted canonically, do not depict them as having knowledge of that culture. Naruto character, for instance, would not have any conception of the real world, as they live in a very different world that is not the world we live in. Therefore, they would not know what "Japan" is, even if their culture closely resembles it. Similarly, if a character from Sengoku Basara were to be played, we would expect that Japanese cultural codes be respected and that you know the historical foregrounding of the canon -- namely, the Sengoku Era. Do your research. Know your historical and cultural contexts. We cannot stress this any more.

In a more basic way, if a certain incident is already depicted canonically, do not revise the incident to fit your own head canon.

In the cases of skills/power, this considered Metagaming/Godmoding. If we see this happen, you will be spoken to. If you do not correct the problem, and if this occurs three times, you will be removed from the game.

Head canons for character relationships, character histories, and anything that is not in the canon, especially for minor characters, will be accepted and allowed.

5. Stay in character.

Though this is expected of all games, it is critical that your character stays in character at all times unless they are being affected by some kind of event or god scroll. By this, we mean that your character must act as they are portrayed in canon in all character relations, interactions, etc. It is also important that your character does not somehow magically have skills that are not depicted canonically without some kind of game development (see Rule #4). We understand that character personalities and skills can change due to events within the game, but it must be represented through game activity. If we do not see game activity or evidence of character development within Kannagara, then this will be a problem and you will be spoken to.

If you notice that a character is acting OOCly, please let the player know on their HMD post if they have one, through our monthly HMDs, or privately. If you are not comfortable speaking to a player about their characterization, talk to the moderators through our comment box or through e-mail. You may choose to communicate with us anonymously or logged-in -- the important rule of thumb is that you do communicate your concerns about the characterization and back it up with evidence/examples from the original source. If you cannot back up your claims from an original source, then your claim will not be taken seriously and will be disregarded.

In the event that the concerns are serious enough, a player will be asked to place the character on hiatus for a canon review. If the problems cannot be rectified after two canon reviews, and if any sound advice (with canon evidence) for playing the character is not taken, then the character will be removed from the game.

6. All NC-17 content must be marked as explicit adult content.

NC-17 content can be posted without a friend's lock on the community at the players' discretion, but it absolutely must be marked as explicit adult content. No ands, ifs, or buts. 

7.  Posts must be made according to the Posting Guide.

Please label everything accordingly, including dates, times, warnings, tags, etc. We want to make sure we know when an event might occur, and what triggers there might be in a log.

8. The summary policy must be followed.

Players are required to collaborate on a summary for a log/thread on the network in the event that: 1.) one player may not wish to finish, but the other does; 2.) the contents of the log/thread are important; and/or 3.) players wish to preserve some idea for CR purposes. (See Summary Policy for more details.)

9. Try to follow narrative chronology.


1. Be civil and respectful. Do not use plurk or any other means of communication to spread wank and drama, to complain about others behind their backs, to spread rumors, to engage in personal attacks, or to otherwise cause unnecessary problems. Refer to Rule 1 for more information.

2. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech of any kind, whether racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist. It’s not accepted even as a joke. While it is difficult to always keep track of OOC interaction on plurk in particular, we do ask that you have consideration with what you write when chatting with your friends, when you and them are completely okay with it. As almost everyone of our players are on plurk, and all plurks are viewable to them and it’s a very public means of communication, it’s very likely that there is someone who would be offended if you, for example, “molest” someone on such a public place (and that doesn’t only mean in-game). Feel free to do so all you want in an IM with that person, but please keep it off public spaces. If we do see anything of this, or if anything like it is reported to us, we have the right to reprimand you for it. If this occurs three times, there will be consequences.

3. If you are plotting something in plurk that could include more than just specific people that do have plurk, please take it to the OOC community as well. Not everyone has plurk and we want everyone to be included in any plots anyone could jump in on. This includes if you plot something big together with a few friends in private and more characters could get involved; take it to the OOC comm too!

4. Please refrain from asking the moderators about important plot issues, conflicts with other players or other important matters on plurk or any other public space. On plurk, we are mainly players. There are proper channels to discuss things with us. It’s fine to poke us for small things like adding tags and quick questions, but for any plots that need moderator approval or any big questions, please email us or use the comment box. We use plurk for talking and plotting as players, and want to keep it separate. We can’t be moderators 24/7, but will get back to you as quickly as possible