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13 August 2011 @ 07:36 pm
Job & Business List  


The list of available jobs for characters.The list of where all characters either work or own a business  in Kannagara, by village.

(Available Jobs)

Location: Hisato Ryokan
Positions: Ryokan Manager, cooks, cleaning staff

Location: Mizusato Ryokan
Positions: Cooks & cleaning staff

Positions: Law Enforcement (Report to the Metsuke's Office in each village to apply.)

PLAYER-OWNED BUSINESSES (not located in a specific village)

Business Type: Wandering Medicines for Sale
Character's Name: Ginko, owner/medicine maker (verdant_walker)
IC Contact: Ginko's Voicemail
Location: Anywhere in Kannagara, contact him via the voicemail to get his attention.
Hours of Business:Any and all
Description: He will sell to anyone who wants to buy/needs medicine, both Celestials and Otherworlders. He'll often be seen setting up shop in the various marketplaces--that is, sitting on the ground and setting out his wars on a cloth in front of him.
Job Openings: None.
Other Notes: He'll probably eventually get into a sort of a circuit, where he visits each village in turn, and collects herbs in between villages, but that will take a little time to establish. For now, he'll just kind of wander around randomly.



Cat's Eye Cafe
Business Type: Resteraunt
Character's Name: Fai & Yuui Flourite (towertwin) & (misfortunesfool)
IC Contact: Yuui's Voicemail
Location: Near the main entrance to Amesato
Hours of Business: 11am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday
Description:(Coming soon.)
Job Openings: Sous Chefs, wait staff, dishwashers, a cashier
Employees: Matt, bartender/waiter; Vincent Nightray, waiter
Other Notes: This will be opening soon!





Character's Name: Kinomoto Touya (monstersbigbro)
Occupation: Manager, Mizusato ryokan

Business Type: Bakery
Character's Name: Meguro Gau, owner, baker (tenpa_tantrum)
IC Contact: Gau's voicemail
Location: Mizusato - near the center of town
Hours of Business: Baking begins in the very early morning, the shop opens at 8am and closes at 4pm.
Description: The bakery is a well-kept storefront right off the town square. The building has two stories, with the second holding an apartment occupied by the owner, his partner, and various others at any given time. The kitchens and storage areas are at the back, large and well-ventilated, and the front area is quite cheery, well-lit, and impeccably clean. A trio of small tables sits near the front doors, and a simple lunch is served as well as tea and coffee... and of course cakes, muffins, tarts and other treats.
Job Openings: Bakery assistant, waiter, and cashier. If more people are hired, the hours will be extended, so there's always room. Also a delivery person would be awesome.>
Employees: Gilbert Nightray, Cook; Misa Amane, Cashier/waiteress
Other Notes: Gau is always willing to help someone out, so a hungry newcomer coming in could get a free meal, if they ask.

Harry Dresden - Wizard
Business Type: Paranormal Investigations
Character's Name: Harry Dresden (itgoboom)
IC Contact: Harry's Voicemail
Location: Mizusato Ryokan, Harry's room
Hours of Business: Any time besides the middle of the night or on appointment
Description: Lost items/people found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.
Job Openings: None besides clients.
Other Notes: Pretty much available for any supernatural or investigation needs by anyone. Has experience working with the poliece as a consultant.


Character's Name: Yu Kanda (infiniillusion)
Occupation: Metsuke's office, Machi-kata Doshin officer



Character's Name: Harry Dresden (itgoboom)
Occupation: Supernatural Private Investigator and Summoning Shop Assistant